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Estate Planning is not only for those nearing retirement. With life’s many uncertainties, we recommend an estate plan for everyone! Every day you make decisions that keep your family thriving. From the little things (what’s for dinner) to the significant issues (buying a new home), life is more comfortable when you plan. Of all the plans you put into place, few will be as important as your estate plan.

At Loveland & Hurley, PLLC, we know how overwhelming estate planning can be. What’s better for your family, a will or a trust? Whom do you name as guardian for your children? How do you ensure your child with special needs is cared for when you are not able to? Our goal is to clarify the process so you can make informed decisions, explain complex legal concepts in terms you can easily understand, lay out your options, and walk you through each step. With our carefully designed estate planning process, you’ll wish you’d started sooner.

We provide a refreshing and personable approach that is not typical in the legal industry. Our value delivered to our clients goes beyond a single set of documents. Your estate plan doesn’t just protect your assets at death. Your estate plan protects you while you are alive, and if you need help, it protects your family, avoids unnecessary taxes, and can ensure your legacy lives long after your death. By building relationships, we can help navigate the estate planning process to provide you with the peace of mind that your family will be protected, no matter what tomorrow brings.

Additionally, we realize that many people who enter a marriage have a limited understanding of what community property is and how it can impact them when divorcing or separating with children from prior marriages.

Estate Planning is a legal process that protects an individual’s assets and defines the financial dispensation to one’s spouse, children, or other family members. Your estate plan may include the creation of Wills, Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Medical Powers of Attorney, Children’s Trusts for Gifting, Family Limited Partnerships and LLCs, Charitable Gifts and Foundations.

If needed, we put in place prenuptial or postnuptial plans to protect your assets before and after marriage. Suppose you don’t create an estate plan before or during a marriage. In that case, funds that are commingled may not belong to the individual who earned or inherited them, and children from a former marriage may lose the ability to inherit those assets.

Understanding the nuances involved in estate planning is a complicated matter best entrusted to an attorney who specializes in these matters. The attorneys at Loveland & Hurley, PLLC will help you plan for the future—and that of your children—by adequately protecting your property and other assets you have acquired.

The Estate Planning Process

We take pride and have a passion for our estate planning process; and it is our favorite thing to do. Our method ensures we get to know you, listen to your concerns, understand your needs, and make recommendations based on what best suits you. Each time we interact, our goal is to move one step closer toward completing your estate plan. We want to ensure that the process is as easy and painless as possible. We assist you with each step, and the result is a customized, tailored plan for your individual needs and wishes.

Here’s what to expect when working with us:

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