Mediation Services

Dedicated. Perceptive. Impartial.

Manage and Resolve Your Legal Conflicts.

Attorney Kimberly N. Loveland is pleased to provide services as a mediator and settlement consultant and counsel for complex disputes domestically and internationally.  Kimberly brings an acute ability to view conflict and concerns from different perspectives and works with each party to cultivate innovative solutions.

What is Mediation?

During mediation, the mediator is a neutral intermediary for confidential settlement discussions and assists the parties in developing options for resolution of the dispute.

Mediation is an alternative manner of resolving the dispute without having a judge or a jury decide for the parties. Instead, the informal and voluntary mediation process allows the parties involved in a conflict to come together, maintain control over the ultimate resolution, and craft an agreement to settle their differences. Mediation offers a practical, confidential alternative to litigation that is both time and cost-efficient.

Mediation is one of those rare processes that is both a science and an art form. Mediators are trained to facilitate communications between disputing parties and develop an ability to deal with all kinds of people in various circumstances. They suggest ways to resolved the dispute, but refrain from imposing their own judgment on the issues.

Managing Legal Conflicts

Whether it is a lawsuit, a business problem, a divorce, a contract dispute, or an employment issue, conflict can be destructive and costly. Conflicts are a part of our social, cultural, and human conditions. Conflicts can also be motivation for breakthroughs and change. Whether a conflict is ultimately viewed as negative or positive is often decided by how the parties chose to resolve it.

As a mediator, Kimberly is dedicated to providing constructive, efficient alternatives for dispute resolution. The goal of mediation is to yield an amicable solution to resolve the need for the pending litigation and give each party the ability to move forward.  The parties should feel as though the result addressed their legal issues and the underlying interests that prompted the litigation.

Conflict Resolution Services

Loveland & Hurley, PLLC provides a wide range of flexible and efficient conflict resolution services for businesses, governmental entities, and individuals. Kimberly mediates all types of civil disputes, including:

  • insurance
  • intellectual property
  • contracts, securities and partnership dissolution
  • international commercial disputes
  • oil and gas
  • bankruptcy
  • entertainment
  • consumer (DTPA) issues
  • personal injury and products liability
  • employment and wrongful termination
  • professional liability and malpractice
  • construction and real estate
  • environmental concerns
  • media
  • landlord-tenant relationships
  • disputes involving governmental agencies and small businesses
  • educational disputes
  • internal business dynamics (including nonprofits, small business, or professional corporations)
  • guardianship
  • probate
  • First Amendment
  • Sec. 1983 and civil rights
  • discrimination
  • defamation
  • sexual harassment

Mediation Experience

As a Texas Board Certified Estate Planning and Probate specialist, Kimberly has extensive probate and guardianship litigation experience. She is insightfully aware disputes are driven equally by family emotion and dynamics as they are by a desire to protect an estate or the health and safety of a loved one. Her background and specialty offer insightful ways to resolve these types of disputes, giving consideration to the financial issues, psychology, family emotion, and discord that may be driving the conflict.

Mediation may be held onsite at Loveland & Hurley, PLLC in live, web-based video format, or Kimberly is available to travel to you. Fees for mediation services are charged on a flat-fee daily basis, split between the parties.

Kimberly received her mediation certification from The University of Texas School of Law Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution.  She has experience in solving disputes creatively, constructively and confidentially. Kimberly brings her sharp analytical and evaluative skills to the mediation process, along with an understanding of the motivating psychological factors and an ability to truly listen to the parties' underlying concerns.  This combination enables her to provide a persistent, creative, and successful approach to problem-solving.

Kimberly has garnered all attorneys and parties' trust and respect to mediation because of her quick grasp of the issues.  She maintains a balanced, insightful, and even-handed approach to conflict resolution.

If you have questions about mediation or to schedule a mediation, please contact us.